Theme: Innovative ways for practicing physiotherapy and impact in health and life style

Physical Theraphy 2023

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Physical Theraphy 2023

The "9th International Conference and Expo on Physiotherapies, Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine" will take place on November 01-02, 2023 in Rome, Italy, and will feature a precise keynote, presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibitions. Conference Series  insists on participants from all over the world attending. This year's webinar's theme, Physical Therapy: A Practicing Professional Perspective, ensures a superb scientific program featuring numerous renowned and mind-bogglingly intelligent speakers.

In order to improve interactions between engineers and physiotherapists, Physical Therapy 2023 will focus on cutting-edge technologies that will eventually result in both evaluation and rehabilitation tools. The conference will feature electrifying scientific presentations and plenary speakers.

Physical Therapy 2023 Conference is a platform specifically designed for all physical therapists and occupational therapists working as clinicians, managers, researchers, students, or educators to exchange knowledge and experiences in the fields of physical therapy and occupational therapy, network with colleagues from around the world, and establish connections with global experts in their fields.

The Conference seeks to deepen the connections between various professionals for the advantage of populations and the particular patients we serve by making possibilities for continued tutoring and exchanging information available.

With support from 1000 additional scientific societies, Conference Series organizes a conference series of 1000+ global events, including 500+ conferences, 500+ upcoming and previous symposiums and workshops in the USA, Europe, and Asia. The company also publishes 700+ open access journals, which have over 30000 eminent individuals and renowned scientists on their editorial boards.

We also hope that everyone will attend and spend a little time sharing their experiences in preparation for Conference 2022. In addition, we are eager to welcome you everyone.

Physical Therapy 2023 Conference is an exclusive platform for all Physical and Occupational Therapists working as clinicians, managers, researchers, students, or educators to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of physical therapy and occupational therapy, to connect with colleagues from around the world, and to engage with global experts in their field.

The Conference aims to advance practice for the benefit of populations and the specific patients we treat by opening up access to continued education and networking opportunities.

Physical Therapy2023 seeks to unite all physiotherapists, fitness professionals, and students in order to provide a global forum for the dissemination of original research findings, novel concepts, and hands-on learning opportunities that emphasize both theory and practices in our international meetings.

Physical Therapy2023 is a multifaceted gathering of physiotherapists, doctors, and specialists in sports and fitness medicine who are committed to education, research, work, advocacy, and, ultimately, the care of athletes of all ages.

You will interact mostly with physiotherapists, physicians, academic professors, lecturers, board directors, deans, CEOs, and researchers at Physical Therapy2023. We'll also be welcome medical experts with additional qualifications in sports medicine, such as physical therapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, exercise physiologists, and general care physicians, who integrate their practice of medicine with their primary speciality.

Physiotherapy aids in restoring a patient's movement and sense of normalcy after an illness, injury, or handicap. A physical therapy session includes manual therapy, patient counselling, and education. A patient of any age can benefit from physical therapy to manage ongoing pain and prevent new illnesses or injuries. In conclusion, physical therapy improves and elevates a patient's physical functioning, strength, and overall health while addressing underlying problems.

By taking into consideration the patient's lifestyle and other aspects of their lives, it adopts a more all-encompassing approach to the therapy process. It aids in the prevention of impairment and injury, the management of chronic as well as acute health disorders, the management and improvement of the patient's physical performance, the provision of injury rehabilitation, and the instruction of patients on how to avoid future recurrence Read More.....


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Conference Date November 01-02, 2023
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